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Ways To Increase Website Conversions

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July 1, 2017
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September 28, 2017

Many people don’t think of their “About Us” page as a way to increase their website conversions. However, it’s actually a great place to get conversions – that is, if you do it correctly. Here are a few super simple changes you can make today to your “About” page to increase your site’s conversions.

1. Make Your Heading Stand Out

Your heading is going to be the first thing people read about you on this page. Make it snazzy! Make sure it grabs their attention. “About Us” doesn’t grab anyone’s attention. Instead, give it a spin to be more about your visitors instead of you. Like, “Why Our Team Wants YOU To Live A Healthy Lifestyle.”

2. Put Real Photos Up

You may have stock photos on the rest of your site, but your “About” page should have real photos. Yes, of you. People want to know that you’re a real person, and they want to get to know you. That means putting up a picture of yourself – and whoever else is pertinent to your site – instead of hiding behind the scenes.

3. Rewrite Your History

You want your “About Us” page to tell your story, but it doesn’t need to be about you. It needs to be about your customers. How do you achieve this? Simply turn your motivation around to them. Write about how happy it makes you when your story helps others reach their goals.

4. What Are People Saying About You?

Not only do your customers want to know who you are, they want to know what real people are saying about you. So put a few customer testimonials up and let those speak for themselves.

5. End With A Call To Action

Don’t assume that your “About” page isn’t the place for a CTA. You bet it is! After talking about how passionate you are about your business, get others excited about it to by including a well written CTA at the end of your page.

Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez
Creative and dynamic web designer and website consultant with 10+ years experience in web design and website maintenance. Proven ability to enhance websites, build brand awareness and satisfy customers.

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